*Teeth Whitening On the Go – Ultra Portable, Do It Anywhere System
*Up to 6 Shades Lighter in 2 Weeks
*2 Minutes to Apply
*No Messy Trays or Strips
*Targeted System – Use More Where Needed, Less Where It’s Sensitive
*Easy to Use Maintenance and Protection Systems
*Hygienic and Disposable
*Devised by Cosmetic Dentist
*Uber Cool with Various Celebrity Endorsements

This ingenious complete teeth whitening system with its patented, easy to use ampoules is devised by New York cosmetic dentist, Dr Jonathan Levine. A prominent associate professor at New York University School of Dentistry and recognised around the world as an authority on cosmetic dental procedures, Dr Levine was one of the first dentists in the USA to apply porcelain veneers and offer in-office tooth whitening services

There are 2 key variables in teeth whitening, peroxide concentration and contact time. The Gosmile
teeth whitening system has 6% hydrogen peroxide which is the highest concentration allowed over the counter. The hydrogen peroxide polymer gel with special gum resins is designed to adhere to your teeth when applied. Natural hydrogen peroxide is unstable in its natural form. Its unique ampoule technology allows the user to control the contact time on each tooth. Darker teeth may be applied more and less may be applied on more sensitive teeth. The result is optimal outcome on each individual tooth. This also prevents the blue tint that comes with over whitening using other in-house dental tray techniques.

3 easy steps to a great SMILE:

Step 1) Gosmile Teeth Whitening System:
-Remove the ampoule from the outer sleeve, Flip over and reinsert into the sleeve with the brush tip pointing outwards.
-Pop the ampoule by squeezing the middle and saturate the brush tip by pumping the ampoule lightly.
-Brushing in circular motion, apply the gel to your teeth till it lightly foams (3-5 seconds per tooth). Target the teeth that require more whitening and avoid sensitive areas. You are in total control. Release and pulse the whitening gel till the ampoule is empty. Be sure to cover the entire tooth surface and angle the brush tip to get in between teeth. Allow the polymer gel to adhere to your teeth for 20 minutes.
-It is safe to swallow but we recommend that you spit out any excess.
-Do not rinse or eat for 20 minutes after application.
-Use twice a day for 14 consecutive days to achieve up to 6 shades whiter and brighter teeth.
-Depending on the shade of your teeth and the frequency you drink coffee, red wine, smoke or eat berries, you may safely teeth whiten with Gosmile Teeth Whitening System up to 3 times a year.

Step 2) Gosmile Maintenance System:
Maintain your smile with the first ever daily remedy for erasing stains. The Gosmile Maintenance System composes of 1% hydrogen peroxide in a special adhesive gel. It also doubles as a breath freshener, kills bacteria which cause bad breath, prevents tooth decay and improve gum health. The method of use is similar to the whitening system.

Step 3) Gosmile Protection System:
The AM/PM whitening protection toothpaste is professionally formulated and designed to brighten as you brush. Naturally derived hydrated silica polishes your teeth and removes surface stains revealing a whiter, brighter smile. White cranberry extract replenish soft tissue to protect against receding gum lines, periodontal disease and gingivitis while the paste is fluoride fortified to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. It is also blended with aromatherapy flavours to provide you with an entirely new experience in brushing. The AM toothpaste contains invigorating essential oils and the PM toothpaste contains calming essential oils to not only help with your teeth but your natural sense of balance and well being.

Gosmile is not only about looking good but also about doing good. Supporting Gosmile indirectly supports various charities to give you more reason to keep smiling. These charities
include Operation Smile, Joyful Hear Foundation and Autism Speaks.






  Gosmile Teeth Whitening System $125
  Gosmile Daily Maintenance Pack of 30 $69
  Gosmile Daily Maintenance Pack of 30 in Deluxe Lucite Vanity Jar $100
  Gosmile Daily Maintenance Pack of 7 in Chic Silver Compact Case $49
  Gosmile AM/PM Single Toothpaste $30
  Gosmile AM/PM Duo Pack $50
  Gosmile GoBrilliant Starter Pack $190
(The GoBrilliant Starter Pack contains 30 Ampoules of the whitening system, 7 maintenance ampoules in a silver compact case, 1 travel size AM toothpaste, 1 travel size PM toothpaste packaged in a beautiful travel bag)