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Our Philosophy
Le Temple is not only a unique cosmetic destination or body but also a state of mind.

At Le Temple we believe that taking pride in the way we look is about taking care of ourselves. Beauty is not skin deep. When approached in a balanced manner, beauty can transform the way we feel and behave. It can also translate into love, confidence and self esteem. Our external self will work synergistically with what is within to create something that eventually transcends beauty itself.

Aestheticians at Le Temple are highly trained to give you the best cosmetic result using the latest non-surgical rejuvenation techniques which are safe and the least invasive. We believe that every client is unique. We take great care that our solutions complement your personal features and skin type. We always aim to give you honest and balanced advice backed by the latest science to help you make an informed decision. This includes an accurate evaluation of your treatment needs and informing you of treatment modalities and their potential side effects. We believe in personal choices and aim to provide you with the most personalised service with attention to details. We also aim to give you full support by a cosmetic physician before and after your treatments. Your comfort is also of utmost importance to us. The salon environment at Le Temple is chic and cutting-edge yet relaxed and friendly.

At Le Temple, your satisfaction is our pleasure.



Our Salon
Designed with a strong sense of aesthetics and to stimulate all your senses, our salon reflects the contemporary nature of our practice. Our aim is to provide you with the most positive and attentive experience.


Dr Mark Choong is a University of Melbourne graduate with more than 10 years of medical experience. After graduating with the much coveted Baldwin Spencer Prize and being short listed for the most highly acclaimed Jamieson Prize, Dr Choong was trained in various disciplines of medicine.

In the field of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Mark Choong has trained under various leaders of this field, locally and internationally. His skills and knowledge in Cosmetic Medicine are kept most up-to-date by frequently attending various conferences and workshops. Working as a Cosmetic Physician since 2006, he is also a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Cosmetic Medicine is a science as well as an art form and delivering the best cosmetic result requires a keen eye for beauty, proportion and an understanding of form. As an aesthetician, his keen aesthetic eye is well nurtured and proven by his consistent involvement in the arts. Dr Choong has also participated in various art competitions at state level. His passion for everything beautiful is shown in his works in everything from photography, painting, design and sculpting to cosmetic medicine.

Dr Choong is also a local community general practitioner with a significant involvement in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine. In his spare time, when his world is not surrounded by the arts in their various forms, Dr Choong loves travelling and exploring. Having travelled to nearly fifty countries, worked in several and scaled various mountains from the Himalayas to the Andes, Dr Choong truly embraces the spirit of Le Temple - Life should be fabulous, balanced and offer choices of infinite possibilities. Beauty is everywhere, internally and externally and it should be created, celebrated, savoured, shared and preserved.